Greater Karnavati Quantum Computing Technology Park (GKQCTP)

'Greater Karnavati Quantum Computing Technology Park’ *(GKQCTP) is first proposed Quantum Computing Technology Park of India getting established at Gandhinagar- Ahmedabad area of Gujarat state.

Objective of ‘Greater Karnavati Quantum Computing Technology Park’ is to create and promote a high-tech. ecosystem of Quantum Computing and Quantum Technologies, where Quantum Computing related Products, Technolgies and services gets developed, manufactured, tested, and utilized for enabling advanced tech. adoption in India and around the World.  

Objective is also to make India an early leader in Quantum Computing (QC) and other Quantum Technology (QT) research, development to manufacturing capabilities by building a dynamic ecosystem around Quantum Technology value chain through a dedicated Tech. Park.

It is envisioned that this Tech. Park, which is going to a multiparty SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle), shall host Tech. companies working in Quantum Computing and Quantum Tech. space for performing R&D (Research & Development), Design & Engineering, Simulation, Prototyping, Manufacturing, Testing and Packaging/Assembling activities along with skill development and training in Quantum Computing and Technology.

It has been proposed to set up common facilities of R&D, to Simulation to Testing To Manufacturing to Skilling at 'GKQCTP' for Quantum Computing Hardware, Quantum Computing Software, Quantum Computer Measurement and Control, Quantum Communication value chains.

GKQCTP's goal is also to support startups in Quantum Computing and Quantum Technology space by creating agile and enabling ecosystem for innovation, R&D, product/solution design and engineering, prototyping, simulation, manufacturing, system integration, to professional services and financial services. We are poised to develop an efficient plug and play ecosystem for Quantum Tech. startups, so that they could do maximum innovation with minimum Capex.  

Further project details are under development by the GKQCTP promoter Innogress and can be shared confidentially to the interested investors and other Tech. firms. 


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